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As a personal trainer, nutrition and lifestyle coach for more than 15 years, I draw from extensive experience and a multitude of professional certifications when I work with my clients - professional athletes to tired mothers and everything in-between. I’ve seen fitness and nutrition trends come and go, and truly believe that we have developed an effective method for long-term health and body transformation with The Prime Method.  Clients say I can be tough when they need to be pushed, and nurturing when they are in a vulnerable place.  I’ve had personal experience with a major setback when I broke my hip in 2001.  After surgery, I had to overcome mental and physical barriers brought on by loss of function, a negative prognosis and pain.  Today I’m fully recovered, pain-free and live a very active lifestyle.  I believe this experience has been a blessing.  My greatest joy comes from motivating, inspiring and empowering people to build a stronger, healthier body and mind. 



I’m driven to find a way we can improve ourselves at any age, at any point in our lives.  It’s this core belief that inspired the creation of the Prime Method and continues to keep me moving.  My challenge, like everyone else’s, is to blend the components of a healthy life with everything else I do. As a parent, wife, business owner, entrepreneur, and traveler, I strive to make physical improvement daily, second-nature and unavoidable.  The body is an expression of our state of mind, our inner self, so if we set physical goals and achieve them, we have a palpable experience of human potential and the sky’s the limit.  I’ve discovered how to do this after years of study with amazing teachers and coaches.  Sharing these tools is my skill.  I want to help people who are stuck.  I want everyone to feel good, eat well, move optimally, dream big.