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The Philosophy

We believe that to achieve radiant health and superior fitness you need dig deep and focus careful attention in three areas: intelligent movement, vital nutrition and a vibrant but peaceful state of mind. Our method takes the guesswork out and provides you with an organized plan to follow and track in these three key areas.  If you can’t have a personal trainer because of logistics, time or money, this is your solution.  Unlock the mystery of habits, make a study of your patterns, and put in place a new way to manifest changes you want to embrace for the long haul.

The Prime Method was founded on the idea that true health is possible for all of us at any stage in our lives, but it is not a quick fix. The only way to get better at something is to study it, practice it, fail and try again.  Become a student of your body and health.  Once you get started, your self-awareness and self-discipline will get firm along with everything else, and the sky’s the limit.  Fitness trends come and go, but building a keen sense of self and driving your own fitness will never be outdated.